Daing na Bangus (Milkfish)

daing na bangus

Bangus (Milkfish) is a very mild-tasting fish that’s why it is a great canvas for a lot of dishes. I haven’t tasted a bangus dish that I didn’t like and daing na bangus is one of my family’s favorite way of eating this beloved Filipino fish.

Paksiw na Pata (Braised Pork Hock)

Paksiw na Pata

Paksiw na Pata is a braised pork hock dish that is similar to Adobo. The main difference is the addition of dried banana blossoms or, in my case, dried lily flowers (because it is more readily available here). Like Adobo, it has different versions. Some lean towards the sweeter side which calls for more brown …

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Homemade Tikoy – 3 Flavors (White, Ube, Brown Sugar)

My father is half Chinese. Though there’s a lot more Filipino blood running through my veins, there’s a good number of Chinese traditions (and superstitions) that we practice at home. I grew up having Tikoy, especially around the lunar new year. Eating (and giving away) this beloved Chinese rice cake was an annual event in …

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Special Pandesal

This is my go-to recipe when my kids ask for Pandesal. I call them “Bread Bandits” because every time I make bread (which is once a week), they always lurk near the kitchen waiting for the freshly baked buns to come out of the oven. I have to place the baking pans on racks to …

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Beef Bulalo (Tender Beef Shanks in Broth)

Beef Bulalo

Schools are closed today because of the snow last night so I was able to sleep in a bit longer. Yesterday, my kids were hoping (and maybe even praying) for a snow day and now that it’s here, they’re thinking of what things they can do with their free time. Me? My mind is somewhere …

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Stir fried Okra

Not many kids like Okra, but my daughter does. She was about 2 years old when she first tried it and it became her favorite vegetable. Since then, this slimy veggie is part of my weekly menu. Usually, I just blanch it for a few minutes in water with a pinch of salt. Sometimes, I …

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Filipino Spaghetti

We love our Spaghetti! No kids’ birthday party is complete without it being served alongside crispy fried chicken. Filipino Spaghetti is different because it’s sweet and we add sliced hotdogs to the sauce. If you go to Asian stores in North America, you would probably find Filipino Spaghetti sauce but I stopped using that a …

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Easy Puto Bumbong (no bamboo steamer needed)

Puto Bumbong is one of the signs that Christmas is near. Outside churches starting at early dawn, vendors line up waiting for churchgoers to finish hearing mass. It became a tradition for people to stop by and buy puto bumbong (and bibingka) before heading back home. Usually, it’s served with salabat (ginger tea) or coffee. …

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Ube Halaya (Purple Yam)

Halayang Ube (Purple Yam)

Filipinos love Ube! Be it in kakanin, bread or dessert. There’s something so comforting in this purple-hued root vegetable. By itself, it doesn’t really have much taste.

Creamy Leche Flan

Flan 3

In Filipino gatherings like fiestas and birthdays, Leche Flan is almost always present. Aside from the creamy taste, this can easily be made a few days ahead which makes it very easy to prepare if you’re having a party.

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