Bistek na Bangus (Milkfish in Soy-Lemon Sauce)

We’re a family of five (hubby, myself and three kids). Now that the kids are all back to school, I’m facing a different scenario. If you’re thinking that I’m finally “free”, the answer is a resounding no. There’s a lot going on that I hardly finish the stuff I have lined up on a particular …

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Cassava Flan Cake

Before the kids were born, hubby and I were fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii. A good friend (elementary classmate) got married so it was the perfect excuse. It was also a great time to meet and reconnect with some friends who migrated to the aloha state.  Another close family friend invited us for dinner …

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How To Do Your Own Boodle Fight (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Filipinos love celebrations. Be it a simple birthday of a family member, to welcome a balikbayan who has been away for ages or the endless Christmas parties during the holidays, there’s always something worth celebrating. Close family ties are a big part of Filipino culture and food always plays an integral role. Boodle Fight was …

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Homemade Beef Tapa (Tapsilog)

This is one of my family’s favorite breakfast meals. I always serve it  with garlic-laden fried rice and a slightly crunchy bottom fried egg. A side of sliced tomatoes, spiced vinegar (for dipping) and atchara (pickled green papaya)  make this meal even better. Yummm! “Silog” meals have a very prominent spot in the Filipino breakfast …

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Manong’s Sauce (Sweet and Salty Street Food Sauce)

Fish balls, squid balls, Kwek-Kwek and the like have one thing in common. They’re all smothered with the ever so famous Manong’s Sauce. If you’re familiar with street food, you know what I mean. None of the street eats I mentioned above is complete without a generous dip in the sweet and salty dip. This …

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Kwek-Kwek (Orange-Battered Quail Egg)

kwek kwek

C.M. Recto in Manila is a major hub for a lot of street food. It’s in the midst of the “University Belt” and is a bustling area where people come and go. Aside from it being infamous for its “processing” of major documents, street vendors line up its whole stretch.  Street food is cheap eats …

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Roast Chicken with Longganisa-Rice Stuffing (Filipino-Style)

Before moving to Canada, we lived in the US (New Jersey) for four years. We were in our 20s and it was our first time living so far away from home. It was, in some ways, an adventure filled with great memories shared with friends, both those we’ve known from back home who were in …

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Bagoong Rice (Shrimp Paste Fried Rice)

One of the things I missed while still working in the Philippines are the “lunch outs” with my “officemates”. Thanks to that, I was able to experience different cuisines. What’s great about working in Makati is that it’s beaming with food choices. Filipino, Japanese, and even pockets of specialty dining places abound. The Exports department …

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My Papa’s Ginisang Alamang (Sauteed Shrimp Paste)

Both of my parents love to cook but there’s one talent my dad has that none of us (at home) can do…. he never tastes the food while cooking!  He just randomly adds the seasonings, smells the aroma coming from the pot and before we know it, he’s done. And the dish always comes out …

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Easy Salted Eggs (Itlog na Maalat)

I seldom have luck when buying salted eggs. It’s either too salty or the inside looked like it had been sitting at the store shelves for quite a while. Then, there are those uncooked salted eggs that came in a pack of 6. They’re relatively inexpensive but I refrain from buying food products (if possible) …

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