Easy HomeMade Pandesal

I’m sure most of us Filipinos grew up eating Pandesal (I did!) and living far from home, it’s one of those food that I miss eating. Sure, there are a lot of places that sells “authentic” pandesal but my memory of this sweet, inexpensive and filling bread is not quite the same as the one …

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DIY Taho (Soft Tofu with Tapioca and Sugar Syrup)

If you grew up in the Philippines, you probably have a soft spot for Taho. It’s a warm, soft tofu pudding delicately spooned in a tall glass, drenched in that “caramelly” sugar syrup and topped with white tapioca pearls. I remembered patiently waiting for the Magtataho (Taho vendor) with a cup on one hand and …

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Maja Mais Pie (Coconut Pudding with Corn)

Maja Mais by Pamela Casis

Though not as popular as Leche Flan and Ube Halaya, Maja Mais (or Maja Blanca) is also one of the delicacies that Filipinos usually serve during gatherings. It’s like white gelatin with bits and pieces of corn in every bite and has that melt-in-your-mouth texture. The topping: Latik, which is the browned clotted cream that …

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Easy Tinapang Salmon (Oven-Smoked Salmon)

Every year from mid-July to September, Sockeye salmon is in season. This prized aquatic animal is leaner, very flavorful and has a deep orange-red hue.  Needless to say, it’s packed full of the healthiest omega-3s. Though there’s plenty of this type of salmon on the west coast, the price has always been on the steeper …

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Easy Roast Chicken (Filipino-Style)

Roast Chicken is a very popular “dinner in an instant” here in North America. All supermarkets have their own special mix blend that they flavor the chicken with. You can’t help but stop and look at them neatly arranged and turn simultaneously on the rotisserie. But, there are also times when you want something familiar-tasting …

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Sesame-Crusted Karioka Balls with Sweet Coconut Syrup (Glutinous Rice Balls)

Karioka is a Filipino snack made of glutinous rice flour, coconut flakes and coconut milk. Sesame balls on the other hand, is made from the same flour but usually filled with sweetened mashed beans. The former is easier to make but I just like the extra crunch the sesame seeds give. So, I just combined …

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Spanish-Style Bangus (Binagoongan)

Every time we go home to the Philippines, I’m always on a hunt for new products I can try and bring back to Canada. The last time we were there, a variety of bottled fish products caught my attention. It was carefully being stacked and perfectly lined up. The supervisor (her name tag said so) …

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Quick and Easy Tofu Chow Mein

Valentine’s Day just passed. It’s one of those times when we indulge in “sinful” treats especially chocolates. But this year is a little different because it’s also Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent… a day of fasting and abstinence. Meat is the No.1 food we abstain from during the Lenten season so I had to …

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Broiled Milkfish (Inihaw na Bangus)

This dish is very easy to make and can either be done in an oven or on the grill.  You can season the fish with your favorite spices or with whatever you have in your pantry.

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