Lumpiang Gulay with Dried Alamang

It’s Holy Week and we tend to limit and abstain from eating meat especially the days prior to Easter. But because  of this pandemic, we all have limited supplies at home and we try to make use of what we have first before we decide if it’s time to make a trip to the grocery …

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Chicken Arrozcaldo (with Turmeric)

arroz caldo

I check my pantry more often now because I have to try and make use of what we have. Before the pandemic, whenever my family wants me to make a dish that I don’t normally make, I just go to the store for the ingredients that I don’t have. Nowadays, I check my pantry and …

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Ginisang Upo sa Sardinas (Sauteed Bottle Gourd in Sardines)

Food shopping is one of the activities that relaxes me. Even with a list on hand, I still end up with “extras” because food ideas keep coming to me while looking for our staples. With what’s going on now, food shopping is nothing but relaxing. It’s probably been a month since I last saw the …

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Homemade Filipino-Style Pizza

It has been challenging these past few weeks. I try to think of ways to stretch the food we already have to limit food shopping trips. Unlike before this pandemic, I can’t exactly plan what I have in mind for dinner. It’s now dependent on what’s available since we chose to shop at one store …

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Fall-Off-The-Bone Pork Barbecue Ribs (2 ways)

I can’t even begin to describe how fearful I was of pressure cookers. I would rather babysit a simmering meat for an hour or tenderize pork ribs for more than 2, than the thought of using it. My mom even offered me one of her two ( yes TWO! ) stovetop pressure cookers in the …

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Pancit Bihon Guisado

A few years ago, cooking Pancit was a “hit or miss” dish to me. That’s why it’s always on my list of the food to order during gatherings and whenever we have company. Since I learned how to properly cook it, I always have a couple of packages of the dry noodles in my pantry …

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Sweet and Sticky Chicken Wings

My family loves fried chicken wings. They can have it a few times a week if I let them. I would eat them too but I would rather turn on the oven, stick something in it, set the timer and move on to the next thing rather than staying in front of the stove babysitting …

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Creamy Egg Salad

I used to make egg salad sandwiches very often when I was still in college. It was easy to make and cheap. A few eggs can really go a long way. I still make it now for my family but made two significant changes that made it tastier – how I cooked the egg and …

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Pork Menudo

Menudo is a Spanish-inspired dish that is very similar to Chicken Apritada and Beef Mechado. All three stews have a tomato-based sauce and common vegetables (potatoes , carrots and bell peppers). That being said, Filipinos have different versions of it depending mostly on the use of tomato or other tomato products. Some use only fresh …

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Special Lomi

It seems like it’s been Winter for a long time now and to make matters worse, this year is even colder than usual. Getting up in the morning is harder because it still looks dark outside at 7am. Some days, I wish I can just curl up in bed longer than usual (in my PJs) …

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