What’s your take on TasteAtlas ranking of Filipino Food?

OK. Let’s open up a discussion here. Caught this news bite making its round on social networks and online media outlets. I guess Filipino Food is a good click bait, huh. What dyah think?

Coming out as no. 1 is the deliciously addictive “lumping shanghai“. This is a top fave for me as well and I know for a fact that this is a big favorite of our non-Filipino friends. It’s always one of those dishes that overseas Filipinos love bringing to potlucks and company parties with foreign colleagues. It’s always a hit! It’s probably the best Filipino party finger food!

Sisig, Sinigang, Tocino – these are definitely good choices and are good dishes to try out especially for those new to Filipino Food. Though, I’m not really sure how TasteAtlas did the ranking. I can only imagine they’ve probably surveyed their editors and readers. That I’m not sure.

What is TasteAtlas?

Looking at their site, TasteAtlas (it seems) is a catalogue of traditional dishes, ingredients and local restaurants where you can enjoy the dishes you find in the site. Definitely a handy tool when looking for your next food find. It seems to be comprehensive, well researched and a good site to explore. It’s definitely something we’ll take a look at here as well.

Recipes we have for some of the dishes in the list

If your interest got peeked by the TasteAtlas ranking, take a look at some of the recipes we have for the dishes included in the ranking. Not everyone can go to the recommended restaurants listed in their site so cooking it yourself can be a viable option. Try them out and let us know if you have any questions about the recipes. We’re happy to answer them.

  • Lumpiang Shanghai – Super crunchy, tasty and easy to make
  • Sinigang – comes in different flavors and main ingredient. Here’s a couple of our fave: sinigang sa miso (milk fish) and pork ribs sinigang
  • Sisig – using pork belly
  • Adobo – easy to make. Yummier the next day.
  • Daing na bangus – simple and tasty. If in North America, buy the Sarangani brand bangus (milk fish). In our experience, it’s the best tasting. The other brands in the market can’t compare.
  • Torta – we added crunchy tuna with it
  • Dinuguan – Categorized as one of the worst in the ranking. It’s actually quite good if you’ve tried it from a good restaurant. Our recipe is a homage to our favorite restaurant here in Surrey, BC that cooks the best dinuguan we’ve had, Ruben’s Restaurant.

What’s your top Filipino Food?

For sure, what’s top Pinoy food for me may not be the same for you. Ranking are just there as a guide. I’d definitely would like to hear from you what you’re list look like as well. Comment them below. Mine are here:

  • Lumpiang Shanghai
  • Pork barbeque (kanto version)
  • Filipino spaghetti (sweeter than regular Italian spaghetti. Going down memory lane, I like the ones at Elyglofan in the Pasay wet market.)
  • Siopao
  • Jollibee chickenjoy
  • Tupig (sold at bus stops going to the northern Luzon provinces)
  • buko salad (all-time favorite dessert)

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