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Atchara (Pickled Papaya)

It’s finally barbecue season! Though I can use the oven to make Pork Barbecue all-year round, the sight and smell of cooking on the grill makes it more enjoyable to eat. What’s even more palatable is when those flame-kissed meats are served with a side of Atchara (Pickled Papaya). Pickled vegetables, particularly Atchara, are the …

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Easy Baked Pork Chops

My family loves the flavor combination of lemon juice and soy sauce. We prefer the sour and salty combo over the sweet and salty, in savory dishes. The likes of Sinigang are always welcome any day.  Unlike in the Philippines where we have thinly cut bone-in pork chops (which I love), the ones I find …

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Ginataang Kalabasa at Kale (Squash and Kale in Thick Coconut Gravy)

I love coconut milk! It’s just so versatile that it goes from sweet to savory yet still maintains its character. Kakanin (Filipino native delicacies) is never the same without it and dishes like our Filipino Chicken Curry and Ginataan can’t be complete without its star ingredient, the all-around coconut milk. Growing up in the Philippines, …

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Ham and Potato Soup

With all the excitement of having ham during the holidays, I’m left with a huge chunk that I portion for later use. It’s the best kind of leftover though because it freezes beautifully and is so versatile….there’s no shortage of ways to prepare it. That’s why I don’t mind buying a bigger ham because I …

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Kwek-Kwek (Orange-Battered Quail Egg)

kwek kwek

C.M. Recto in Manila is a major hub for a lot of street food. It’s in the midst of the “University Belt” and is a bustling area where people come and go. Aside from it being infamous for its “processing” of major documents, street vendors line up its whole stretch.  Street food is cheap eats …

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Easy Salted Eggs (Itlog na Maalat)

I seldom have luck when buying salted eggs. It’s either too salty or the inside looked like it had been sitting at the store shelves for quite a while. Then, there are those uncooked salted eggs that came in a pack of 6. They’re relatively inexpensive but I refrain from buying food products (if possible) …

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Nilagang Baboy (Pork Ribs Soup)

This is one of my family’s favorite comfort dishes (next to Sinigang – Pork in Sour Tamarind Broth). I used pork ribs in this one but you can definitely substitute beef ribs or even chicken. Regardless of the type of meat you prefer, the process is the same. Just keep in mind that the essence …

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Lechon Belly (Crispy Roasted Pork Belly)

Filipinos love to celebrate and every single one of them centers around food. If you have been to a Filipino gathering, you know what I’m talking about. Whether store-bought or homemade, the amazing lineup of bountiful food are beautifully arranged on the dining table with a special dish taking center stage.  Lechon is one festive …

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Hmm good! Beef Shepherd’s Pie

Satisfying, filling, complete meal and tastes so good! This is how my teenage boy describes this dish. He wouldn’t request me to make it though because he knows mom’s already busy fulfilling food requests from the little ones.  But whenever I make one, his big smile is more than enough “payment”.  This Beef Shepherd’s Pie …

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Instant Pot Spanish Style Salmon

Salmon is a healthy, sustainable fish that’s abundant in Canada and in season around this time. Though it’s locally sourced, price is always on the steeper end. We buy the wild Sockeye salmon because it’s a powerhouse of nutrients but I always had to wait for it to go on sale (which doesn’t usually happen). …

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