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Festive Pork Hamonado (Instant Pot)

With the ongoing inflation, we are all tightening our belts and trying our best to save here and there. Needless to say, food expenses eat up a big chunk of our monthly budget. And with the holiday season knocking at our doors, I am looking for ways to prepare without blowing up a month’s food …

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Easier Rellenong Bangus (Using Boneless Milkfish)

Bangus (Milkfish) is the national fish of the Philippines. It has a mild taste (with a hint of sweetness) so it’s very versatile and can handle most cooking methods. The biggest deterrent though to this delicious-tasting fish, are the bones…. all 214 of them! Every bite (except the belly part) contains a few bones.  So …

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Egg White Leche Flan

I must confess … I love Leche Flan! It’s one of the top things that brings me back to my childhood.  Armed with a spoon, I could easily finish a whole llanera (leche flan mold) in one sitting. But that was before, when that pesky cholesterol wasn’t yet an issue. Now, I can only have …

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Ube Pound Cake (Purple Yam)

During this time of year, we start getting excited about the holiday season. We start dusting those well-kept Christmas decorations and with a jolly heart, adorn our homes with festive trinkets. The feel of a decorated room instantly changes, like a magnet that attracts a positive and happy vibe.  Gatherings with family and friends seem …

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Pineapple-Braised Pork “Ham”

The holiday season is a great excuse for indulging in food that we seldom have. In most cases, these are the not-so-healthy kind of eats. Tweaking things a bit can be a great option too. Just a mere switch in the main ingredient can do wonders especially for some (like me!) who have a love-hate …

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Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Pork Loin

I have been thinking of doing this for sometime now. The idea of a leaner cut of meat that presents well on special occasions is the inspiration behind this. Unlike the fat-laden pork belly, pork loin is just the opposite. It’s lean, so incorporating ingredients that’ll give it moisture is a must. Choosing the filling …

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How To Do Your Own Boodle Fight (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Filipinos love celebrations. Be it a simple birthday of a family member, to welcome a balikbayan who has been away for ages or the endless Christmas parties during the holidays, there’s always something worth celebrating. Close family ties are a big part of Filipino culture and food always plays an integral role. Boodle Fight was …

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Roast Chicken with Longganisa-Rice Stuffing (Filipino-Style)

Before moving to Canada, we lived in the US (New Jersey) for four years. We were in our 20s and it was our first time living so far away from home. It was, in some ways, an adventure filled with great memories shared with friends, both those we’ve known from back home who were in …

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Mama’s Special Morcon (Beef)

My mom is an awesome cook! I have seen her do wonders in the kitchen and I don’t recall anything she cooked that I didn’t like. She loves reading cookbooks and when a cooking show is on, she would be watching like a hawk with a pen and paper on each hand. Recipes written on …

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Buco Salad

Buco Salad 1

Nothing compares to having buco salad in the Philippines. Fresh young coconuts are available everywhere and the sweet, tender, and pure taste of buco is perfect! It’s nowhere near the taste and texture of the buco that we (sadly) can get our hands on here in North America. Though that’s the case, we still make …

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