Kutsinta (Cuchinta)

One of the first things I eat whenever we go home to visit are the “kakanin” (native delicacies). I would go to the market early in the morning and feast my eyes on the myriad of colorful delights neatly arranged on banana leaf-lined bilao (shallow bamboo baskets). It’s difficult to choose so I always end …

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Sweet Potato Palitaw

Food waste is one of the top things that I avoid. It makes me upset every time I have to chuck food items in the bin because it’s no longer usable. Sometimes, my creative juices flow whenever I’m in the situation when I have food that’s just hanging on a thin thread before it’s no …

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Munggo Biko (Rice Cake with Toasted Mung Beans)

Biko and Ginataang Munggo are two well-loved traditional Filipino snacks. Each has their own character and are equally good. The thought of making this dish came about one day when I craved that distinct taste of ginataang munggo but not the part where I had to scoop it into a bowl and eat with a …

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Biko with Latik Topping

Biko with Latik Topping 3

You’ve probably heard me say this before, my family loves biko. I usually make it plain. But, there are times I’m feeling fancy and would top it with the gooey, thick latik (sweet and thick coconut topping). I would just add enough brown sugar to the biko (glutinous rice cake) and a pinch of salt …

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Palengke-Style Sapin-Sapin

I love Sapin Sapin! It’s one of the top kakanins (native delicacies) that I will always crave and will never be tired of eating. I have tried the ones from the malls, from the “merienda” street vendors, from the palengke (wet market) and the so-called “special” ones. All of them are good in their own …

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Easy Puto Bumbong (no bamboo steamer needed)

Puto Bumbong is one of the signs that Christmas is near. Outside churches starting at early dawn, vendors line up waiting for churchgoers to finish hearing mass. It became a tradition for people to stop by and buy puto bumbong (and bibingka) before heading back home. Usually, it’s served with salabat (ginger tea) or coffee. …

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