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Pineapple-Braised Pork “Ham”

The holiday season is a great excuse for indulging in food that we seldom have. In most cases, these are the not-so-healthy kind of eats. Tweaking things a bit can be a great option too. Just a mere switch in the main ingredient can do wonders especially for some (like me!) who have a love-hate …

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Easy Oven-Roasted Salmon (Whole)

Fresh Salmon is usually sold two ways – whole or filleted. The latter is more popular among consumers because all the bones have been picked through so it’s more preferable. Whenever they both go on sale, I tend to gravitate towards the former mainly because of the huge price gap. I butcher some myself (It’s …

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Buko Pandan (Coconut-Pandan Jelly Salad)

It has been ages since the last time I had eaten fresh buko (young coconut). Oh how I miss the refreshing taste of tender coconut meat swimming in a bowl of sweet coconut water! That will surely be one of the top 10 on my “to eat” list on our next Philippine vacation.  It’s undeniable …

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How To Do Your Own Boodle Fight (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Filipinos love celebrations. Be it a simple birthday of a family member, to welcome a balikbayan who has been away for ages or the endless Christmas parties during the holidays, there’s always something worth celebrating. Close family ties are a big part of Filipino culture and food always plays an integral role. Boodle Fight was …

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Roast Chicken with Longganisa-Rice Stuffing (Filipino-Style)

Before moving to Canada, we lived in the US (New Jersey) for four years. We were in our 20s and it was our first time living so far away from home. It was, in some ways, an adventure filled with great memories shared with friends, both those we’ve known from back home who were in …

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Filipino Macaroni Fruit Salad (Sweet)

Whoa, it’s September already? How did all those months go by so fast? Summer’s almost over and Fall is just a week away. Around this time, Filipinos start anticipating and getting excited about Christmas. The beginning of the “ber” months (from September to December) signifies that the holiday season is almost within our reach.  We …

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