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Baked Tikoy (Macapuno)

Making Tikoy from scratch is really easy but I realized that I only make it during the week of Chinese New Year. I think it’s the association of this CNY staple to the event that makes it more enticing to eat. My kids love it…except the littlest one (It’s a texture issue 😂).  You probably …

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Protein-Rich Biko (Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake)

a nutritious and equally delicious version of the Filipino sweet rice cake that’s laden with loads of essential fatty acids and a great source of plant-based protein. I just love everything about Biko (Filipino sweet glutinous rice cake)! So much so that I can’t help but have seconds (or thirds) of this beloved Filipino native …

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Munggo Biko (Rice Cake with Toasted Mung Beans)

Biko and Ginataang Munggo are two well-loved traditional Filipino snacks. Each has their own character and are equally good. The thought of making this dish came about one day when I craved that distinct taste of ginataang munggo but not the part where I had to scoop it into a bowl and eat with a …

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Brown Rice Puto (Healthy, Whole Grain)

Puto is a steamed rice cake that’s a well-loved snack among Filipinos. Different regions of the Philippines have their own local version of these tasty treats. Traditionally made with rice that’s soaked overnight then ground into a pancake-like batter, modern versions call for the use of all-purpose or cake flours. Though the latter kinds of …

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Royal Bibingka (Ilocano Glutinous Rice Cake)

Royal Bibingka 1

When I was in college, a trip to Pagudpud from Manila took about 10-12 hours. There were a few bus lines that had regular trips but I always chose Maria de Leon. Somehow, I was able to establish a good rapport with the drivers and conductors that I was so comfortable and at ease whenever …

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Homemade Tikoy – 3 Flavors (White, Ube, Brown Sugar)

My father is half Chinese. Though there’s a lot more Filipino blood running through my veins, there’s a good number of Chinese traditions (and superstitions) that we practice at home. I grew up having Tikoy, especially around the lunar new year. Eating (and giving away) this beloved Chinese rice cake was an annual event in …

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Suman sa Lihia ( Rice Cake with Sweet Coconut sauce)

Suman 1

My best memory of this delicious suman is made by a distant relative who made me love this native delicacy. I don’t remember when was the last time I tasted her Suman sa Lihia which we call “Suman Latik” in Ilocos but I remember how pleased I was every time I can get a taste …

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