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Easier Rellenong Bangus (Using Boneless Milkfish)

Bangus (Milkfish) is the national fish of the Philippines. It has a mild taste (with a hint of sweetness) so it’s very versatile and can handle most cooking methods. The biggest deterrent though to this delicious-tasting fish, are the bones…. all 214 of them! Every bite (except the belly part) contains a few bones.  So …

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Egg White Leche Flan

I must confess … I love Leche Flan! It’s one of the top things that brings me back to my childhood.  Armed with a spoon, I could easily finish a whole llanera (leche flan mold) in one sitting. But that was before, when that pesky cholesterol wasn’t yet an issue. Now, I can only have …

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Ube Pound Cake (Purple Yam)

During this time of year, we start getting excited about the holiday season. We start dusting those well-kept Christmas decorations and with a jolly heart, adorn our homes with festive trinkets. The feel of a decorated room instantly changes, like a magnet that attracts a positive and happy vibe.  Gatherings with family and friends seem …

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Pineapple-Braised Pork “Ham”

The holiday season is a great excuse for indulging in food that we seldom have. In most cases, these are the not-so-healthy kind of eats. Tweaking things a bit can be a great option too. Just a mere switch in the main ingredient can do wonders especially for some (like me!) who have a love-hate …

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Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Pork Loin

I have been thinking of doing this for sometime now. The idea of a leaner cut of meat that presents well on special occasions is the inspiration behind this. Unlike the fat-laden pork belly, pork loin is just the opposite. It’s lean, so incorporating ingredients that’ll give it moisture is a must. Choosing the filling …

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Easy Oven-Roasted Salmon (Whole)

Fresh Salmon is usually sold two ways – whole or filleted. The latter is more popular among consumers because all the bones have been picked through so it’s more preferable. Whenever they both go on sale, I tend to gravitate towards the former mainly because of the huge price gap. I butcher some myself (It’s …

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How To Do Your Own Boodle Fight (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Filipinos love celebrations. Be it a simple birthday of a family member, to welcome a balikbayan who has been away for ages or the endless Christmas parties during the holidays, there’s always something worth celebrating. Close family ties are a big part of Filipino culture and food always plays an integral role. Boodle Fight was …

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