Egg White Leche Flan

I must confess … I love Leche Flan! It’s one of the top things that brings me back to my childhood.  Armed with a spoon, I could easily finish a whole llanera (leche flan mold) in one sitting. But that was before, when that pesky cholesterol wasn’t yet an issue. Now, I can only have …

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No-Cook Pastillas de Leche (Only 3 Ingredients)

I have a big bag of powdered milk (from Costco) sitting in the cupboard for a while now, wanting to be awakened from its deep slumber. My youngest son would ask me to make Pulvoron out of the blue, so I always have some powdered milk stashed somewhere in the innermost part of the pantry. …

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Ice Buko (Coconut Popsicle with Adzuki/Red Mung Beans)

Until I was seven (or maybe eight), we lived in Project 4 in Quezon City. If you have seen kids who play outside almost the whole day, I was exactly like that. Summertime was the most fun! I would eat breakfast so fast and like clockwork, all of the neighborhood kids would be gathered at …

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Royal Bibingka (Ilocano Glutinous Rice Cake)

Royal Bibingka 1

When I was in college, a trip to Pagudpud from Manila took about 10-12 hours. There were a few bus lines that had regular trips but I always chose Maria de Leon. Somehow, I was able to establish a good rapport with the drivers and conductors that I was so comfortable and at ease whenever …

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Fudgy and Chewy Chocolate Crinkles

Crinkles 8

We make a lot of cookies at home but this is one sweet treat that we only make during the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, this is an excellent cookie! I guess eating these only around the holiday season makes it more special.   I used to sell chocolate crinkles a long time ago. Baking a …

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Buco Salad

Buco Salad 1

Nothing compares to having buco salad in the Philippines. Fresh young coconuts are available everywhere and the sweet, tender, and pure taste of buco is perfect! It’s nowhere near the taste and texture of the buco that we (sadly) can get our hands on here in North America. Though that’s the case, we still make …

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