Beef Lettuce Wrap

For most people, salad comes to mind when they see Romaine lettuce at the supermarket. In my case, lettuce wrap is the first thing that pops up. I always buy lettuce in packs of 3 or more, depending on where I buy them. This is usually too much for us but I have a strategy …

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Beef Bulalo (Tender Beef Shanks in Broth)

Beef Bulalo

Schools are closed today because of the snow last night so I was able to sleep in a bit longer. Yesterday, my kids were hoping (and maybe even praying) for a snow day and now that it’s here, they’re thinking of what things they can do with their free time. Me? My mind is somewhere …

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Beef Mechado

Mechado is one of the many dishes that’s Spanish in origin.  Tougher cuts of beef were used because it was cheaper in making this stew. To make up for the marbling, a strip of fat is inserted in the middle of the meat before cooking to keep it moist as it braises in the liquid. …

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