sticky rice

Royal Bibingka (Ilocano Glutinous Rice Cake)

Royal Bibingka 1

When I was in college, a trip to Pagudpud from Manila took about 10-12 hours. There were a few bus lines that had regular trips but I always chose Maria de Leon. Somehow, I was able to establish a good rapport with the drivers and conductors that I was so comfortable and at ease whenever …

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Layered Tikoy (Sweet Rice Cake/Nian Gao)

Tikoy 4

We love tikoy! It’s the first food that comes to mind when we think of Chinese New Year. We had this habitual trip to Binondo weeks prior to the Lunar New Year to get our hands on this well-loved delicacy. My parents would always buy tons of the white-colored ones, mostly to share with families …

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Homemade Tikoy – 3 Flavors (White, Ube, Brown)

Tikoy 3

My father is half Chinese.  Though, there’s a lot more Filipino blood running through my veins, we have a fair share of Chinese traditions (and superstitions) we practice at home. I also attended Chinese school in elementary and the College of Commerce at UST where I had my degree was (and probably still is) filled …

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