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For most Filipinos abroad, the smell of adobo (or of pandesal) brings back good memories of home. Nothing compares to having a sumptuous meal of Filipino dishes in a foreign country and enjoying it with friends and fellow kababayans (countrymen). You might be anywhere in the world, in Dubai, in Singapore, in Chicago or Vancouver, but in many ways, our food serves as an umbilical cord to our culture and heritage. The Filipino food, thus, serves as a reminder of our national identity as Filipinos.

Classic and traditional Filipino dishes and desserts (like lumpia, barbeque, pansit, leche flan) are always a part of the repertoire of Filipino dishes served in gatherings with fellow kababayans or with our non-Filipino friends and neighbors.

In many instances, we have to adapt the recipes due to the unavailability of certain ingredients or to add certain flavors borrowed from the cuisine of the host country. As we, Filipinos, adapt to new environments, so does our food. There are variations of our classic dishes adapted by Filipino immigrants due to a lack of basic ingredients and also due to the natural tendency to experiment.

PinoyBites was launched as a celebration of the Filipino food. As Filipinos, we are proud of our cuisine and we believe that it should be promoted in every possible way. Check us out for anything regarding Filipino food, recipes, cooking, baking and restaurants.

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